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By booking with “Heather’s Pretty Parties” I agree to the following:

Terms & Conditions


Heather’s Pretty Parties Disclaimer:

- A $50 deposit or payment in full is required to hold a future date for any package.   

  •  In the event a late arrival occurs due to road conditions, extreme weather conditions, trains, or traffic, the lost time will be added on to the end. Our performers always leave with plenty of time to spare, if roads are not ideal, our performers WILL take it slow and drive to the conditions. If time allows our performers will happily make up lost time. A call or email will be made if we expect to be running more than 10 minutes behind. 

  • The entertainer is only responsible for providing services for the numbers given in the booking request. If extra numbers are added program items may be missed at the entertainer’s prerogative. 

  • The entertainer is also not required to have extra supplies above the confirmed number of guests. (When applicable) 

  • Final numbers should be confirmed the Monday prior to the event. 

  • The Entertainer may use "special effects" glitter, glue, or other items that could result in a mess. Any concerns about this should be addressed ahead of time so the activity can be altered, otherwise, we assume no responsibility for the cleanup or any unlikely damage.

  • While the entertainer will attempt to maintain the children’s focus, we will not discipline or force unwilling party guests to participate. In the event of an issue, we will carry on as usual, so as to not disrupt the other guests. 

  • Children (and their actions) remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times. 

  • Set up and clean up are included in your booking time, they will, however, will be done in a timely and efficient matter. 

  • If you have a performer request we will do our best to accommodate that based on availability. Please state your request in your initial booking. We are unable to guarantee performers or costumes.   

  • If the entertainer feels unsafe or is being verbally or physically abused they have the prerogative to leave with full pay. *

  • Any resemblance to trademark characters is completely coincidental. We are in no way affiliated with any brands/companies or theme parks. If you are interested in booking trademark characters please contact the owner of the intellectual property. *

  • A safe area should be prepared for the performer, out of the direct sun in the summer months, with a chair to sit, and an open space for dancing and games. If there is an activity booked please also have a table/surface and an extra chair for the child.  


Face Painting/Glitter Tattoo Disclaimer

  • To Remove Face paint - use your normal brand of soap & warm water      

  • To Remove glitter tattoos - use an oil-based makeup remover or rubbing alcohol (Can last up to 5 days with proper care)  

  • No eating or drinking while being painted.  

  • We will not paint anyone who refuses to be painted, this includes verbal and non-verbal cues (tilting head away, blocking brush from face) and we absolutely refuse to paint anyone who has been physically restrained in order to be painted. This cannot be held against the painter in any way.   

  • Anything we consider to be inappropriate or offensive, will NOT be painted.   

  • The child's face needs to be CLEAN and DRY. Please wipe noses & mouths before being seated for painting   -

  • We will not paint people who appear to be suffering from: open wounds, cold sores, chicken pox, measles, mumps, runny noses, conjunctivitis, infectious skin conditions, eczema or appear unwell.

  • ANY concerns regarding your child’s possible reaction to face paints? Please discuss with the artist BEFORE being painted. 

  • The face paints used have been designed for professional use and comply with FDA/EU cosmetic regulations. As with any cosmetics, some people may be sensitive to any/all of the ingredients. We will not be held liable in the event of any reaction, or if paints or glitter are rubbed into eyes.   

  • Depending on skin type, some colours may linger on the skin (mainly turquoise and green)   -We will be as careful as possible when painting, however, we assume no responsibility if face paint gets transferred onto surfaces, inflatables, clothing, carpets, vehicle interiors or other soft surfaces

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