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How do I submit an application for the grant programs with my BSO partner?

The Cook County COVID-19 Small Business Response and Recovery grant products are being administered through a technology platform in partnership with Submittable.

Step 1: Fill out this form to see if you’re eligible. If you’re eligible, you will be matched with a Business Support Organization to assist you with the application process

Step 2: Your Business Support Organization will reach out within seven days to collaborate on your application

Step 3: You and your Business Support Organization will collaborate to complete and submit the application.

I’m having technical issues with my grant application. Who should I contact for support?

If you have any questions and/or are encountering technical difficulties, please review information to troubleshoot your situation at the following link. For more specific technical questions please reach out to Submittable’s Customer Support team at support@submittable.com. For questions specific to your application, you can reply to your Business Support Organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

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