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Open Up the Gates

We are so excited to announce the opening of our venue! We welcome you to have a stunning party at our place filled with balloons, activities, photo moments, and of course, magic!

Keep an eye out for upcoming ticketed events.

Magic in the Moment

Heather's Pretty Parties is Winnipeg's largest and highest-rated children's entertainment company. We offer a variety of characters and services for your unique entertainment experience. 

Reverse Trick-or-Treating

We are delighted to announce our third annual Reverse Trick-or-Treating visits! On October 30th, between 11-4, a pair of your choosing will come to your house to deliver a treat bag and have a 10-minute visit with your kiddos! 


Children's Entertainment

Real magic delivered right to

your living room.


Face Painting

With the flick of a brush turn into your favourite animal, hero, or design.


Hero Parties

Options for everyone to enjoy.

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Elsa came to my daughter's party and she was amazing! She was fantastic the whole time she was at the party and the kids (aged 4) were engaged for the full hour. Highly recommend!