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Our Venue

Why clean your house twice? Host your party at our venue!

We offer character parties, face paint workshops, and space rentals.

Our Venue

📍Location : 646 Erin Street, Winnipeg, MB

Discover our charming party room designed to accommodate a maximum of ten children along with a limited number of accompanying adults. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of the fully adorned party room featuring two exquisite balloon garlands, twinkling party lights, suspended gems, an exquisite chandelier, and ten elegant chiavari chairs encircling an eight-foot child-sized table. The walls are adorned with sparkling curtains embellished with adorable floral details. For added magic, we offer a fully customizable projector, a captivating centrepiece, and more.

Please note that our venue does not include kitchen facilities, so parties are self-catered. Clients are kindly requested to bring their own plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and any other necessary tableware. While you're welcome to bring additional themed decorations, our permanent decor will remain in place.

For security and organization, our doors will remain locked until the designated set-up time and will be locked again until the commencement of the party. Kindly inform your guests about this arrangement. The scheduled character appearance will take place during their specified arrival time, and a dedicated party host will oversee all other party activities, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Venue Character Party

Maximum of  10 Royal Guests 

Packages Starting at $380


  • 30 minutes of set-up, 15 minutes of takedown

  • Birthday makeover for birthday child

    • The party host will style their hair, apply light makeup, and do their nails

  • One character of your choosing for one hour

  • One organized party activity provided and performed by us

    • Your choice of craft, simple games, manicures, or makeovers

    • Upgrade your activity to face paint or glitter tattoos for $80

  • One helpful party host

  • Private room with 10 chiavari chairs and a kid sized banquet table

  • Coloured theme lighting

  • Character themed music

  • A themed gift for the birthday child (crown, cape, etc.)

  • Photo opportunities 


We have three time slots available for booking on weekends, subject to availability

Space Rental

Space for 15 guests

Custom Quote Provided


  • 30 minutes of set-up, 15 minutes of takedown

  • A private room with up to 15 chairs and banquet table

  • Coloured theme lighting


Face Paint Workshop Party

$230+GST for 10 participants

2-hour party time


  • All supplies and materials needed are supplied by us

    • face paints, brushes, practice boards​

  • 30 minute face paint lesson

  • 30-45 minute practice time & teacher painting participants' faces

  • Remaining time for your party (cake, presents, etc.)

  • Take home canvas


Coming soon

Optional Party Add-Ons

Image by Noémi Macavei-Katócz


Party - $125

Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 1.58.21 PM.png

Character Certificate

$5 Each


Extra Character 

30 Mins- $125

Seasoning Salad

Table Linens


Image by Yolk CoWorking - Krakow

Projector Custom Name & Slideshow


Baby Shower Gifts

Loot Bags

$5 Each


Additional Crown

$10 Each

Image by Icons8 Team

Extended Set-Up Time

$25 for 30 mins

Pending Availability

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