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We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with local creator, Brittany Rae Designs!


Peppermint is not your average Christmas Elf! She has ventured off from the North Pole seeking out new friends that can help her spread Christmas cheer. These adorable plush dolls can join your child on all sorts of adventures throughout December. Then, on Christmas Eve, it's time to say goodbye as she needs to rush back to tell Santa what good kiddos they've been!

With the magic of Heather's Pretty Parties, Peppermint will magically be brought to life... but only for one ✨ magical night. ✨ On December 1st, Peppermint can come to your house to hand deliver her doll, the box and the accessories, all inside a personalized small Santa sack. Peppermint will stay for photos and sing a cheery Christmas carol. 

Visits are $95+GST and include one Peppermint elf set. One elf set includes one 5.5' Peppermint doll, the play box, accessories, and Santa sack.

Additional elf sets are available for $50+GST.

The visits will occur from 4-7 pm on December 1st. Once we have mapped out the route, we will inform you of your estimated visit time.

Deadline to book is November 29th.

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Peppermint Elf Doll & Drop off

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