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This is your party and we are here to help you!


We can help relieve your stress and give your guests a magical and memorable experience. 

We are experienced professionals and are prepared to fulfil the agreed upon activities in any environment

and under most circumstances. 


However here are a few tricks you may want to consider based on observations made in our years of experience.

Covid-19 Safety Tips

  • We ask that you remind your guests that hugs with the character are currently not permitted. Some homes cannot guarantee six feet between your guests and the character, but we ask you to try your best to maintain some distance.  

  • Masks are encouraged for guests during the characters visit.

  • While inside characters will wear cloth masks and clear plastic masks for outdoor visits. 



  • Figure out the best time for your character to come visit. We suggesting booking your character at least 20 minutes after scheduled guest arrival. This gives your guests time to settle in and allow some time so latecomers don't arrive at the same time as the character. 

  • Our characters love making a big entrance. Have the Guest of Honour answer the door. Have your camera ready as the initial reaction of seeing their character makes a wonderful candid moment.

  • Please keep in mind in the winter months our characters always leave their land with plenty of time to arrive, but in the event of Our Snow Queen causing a bit of a blizzard, we may be running a little behind due to road conditions. 

Name Tags

  • Name tags are a perfect way to give your guests a personal experience with their character. We often find children forget they're even wearing them and you can watch their faces light up when their favorite character knows them by their name.


  • Once we've said our Hello's its showtime! Please have space with a chair ready for storytime. 

  • To get the best out of your character visit we ask that no food is served, bouncy castles are turned off, and any background activities or music have stopped.

  • During story and sing-a-long time, it would be wonderful if extra adults could be respectful to the children and keep their voices down. This also helps us maintain the children’s attention. We prefer to stay in character within earshot of the little ones, anyone wanting more information on our services should discreetly ask for a card.  


  • If you would like to have seamless transitions between activities you may want to consider making space ahead of time for dancing or games.

  • If we are hired to face paint, apply glitter tattoos or paint nails, a table with two chairs would be greatly appreciated. Also, you may want to select an order in which the children will go in to avoid unnecessary squabbles. The birthday child will always be first, and we will provide numbered stickers for the confirmed number of guests so there will be no need for a line-up.

Photo Ops

  • Find photo spots prior to our arrival. Keep this in mind for both outdoor and indoor parties.

  • Be mindful of the sun. Natural lighting is often the best; a general rule of thumb is to not face directly into the sunlight as this will cause squinting and frowning and not in front of an open window.

  • Props can also be added for a fun touch! Many parents opt for props or backdrops that they can use for photos during the party.

  • One of the best photo locations is on a well-lit set of stairs. Everyone's face can be seen and it can be quickly organized.


  • Cake is an excellent way to wrap up your characters visit. They can lead a "Happy Birthday" song with your guests! The character can then sneak out while everyone enjoys cake!

A Quiet Getaway 

  • Goodbyes can be tough for some little ones, announce a fun activity or cake after the character has given goodbye hugs. 

  • While they aren't expected, if you think your performer went above and beyond feel free to tip them. 

Party Tips

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